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Turners in Little Current

The Turners, as a family, were adventurers - explorers - voyageurs, but most of all they were merchants. It is in the blood - the desire to bring merchandise of the world into a common pool where it can be distributed to people for their own good and their own enjoyment.

It has been a business that has been passed down from father to son and here, on Manitoulin Island, Turners became a business in 1879, when Isaac Turner opened his first store - to be handed down to more Turners and today the thought still goes on into the future - that there will always be a Turners.

Go into Turners today and you will see customers from many places - visitors to the island from U.S.A. and other Countries, those just passing through, and those here for their vacations. And you will see residents of the Island who have been coming to the store all their lives - and whose family and families before them came to Turners