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Turners in Elliot Lake

Deep in its past, it was home to an Ojibwa-Anishinaabe village settled along the present day hospital site near the lake shoreline. In the early 1900's Elliot Lake was also home to many logging camps harvesting its then untouched riches in timber.

1953 would prove to be the year where geologist Franc Joubin who was supported by the sponsorship of Joseph Hirshorn, discovered uranium in this area of the Algoma district in Northern Ontario. This would lead to the foundation of the City of Elliot Lake in 1955.

Denison Mines and Rio Algom had become the city's largest employers for decades up until the late 1990's where the last mine was decommissioned and the land returned to a natural state. During those years of mining hustle and bustle in Elliot Lake, the city had become the unofficial " Uranium Capital of the World" where at its peak 14 Uranium mines were in active operation.

Following the mine closures, Elliot Lake rebounded by showing leadership and creativity by creating the " Retirement Living "concept.  Through hard work and dedication Elliot Lake became a model for the world for rebirthing towns shuttered by mine closures.  

Today in 2016 its economy and outlook is once again growing while also attracting investors willing to commit to the community and its people. Welcome to Elliot Lake.